Use it or lose it!

Now is the time to take advantage of any remaining insurance benefits. Most dental insurance plans provide coverage based on a full calendar year. Careful planning will allow you to maximize your time and unused benefits. Your health is important to us so call today to schedule an appointment.

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Over the past twenty years, we have cultivated very close ties with so many of you. Thank you for your trust, confidence, and friendship. We heartily welcome you, whether you are well known or a brand new friend of ours!

People tell us our office is made up of some pretty special people. We have formed this cohesive staff by taking care of each other, which naturally empowers us to take care of you. We are truly, ‘at your service’, providing the highest level of dental care for you, you put you’re hard earned faith and trust in us and we thank you for the greatest of compliments!

Placing your faith and trust in us is a responsibility we take very seriously. You and your smile are very important to us. When we see it on your face coming and going, we know we have accomplished our goal!

We are dedicated to providing and maintaining comprehensive dental care for our patients of all ages, in a relaxed and caring environment.  We utilize state-of the art technology to provide you  with the best that dentistry has to offer. Our mission is to ensure that you and your families continue to receive the very best care that you deserve.
Dr. Karin F. Hilsabeck, Dr. Tyler A. Block and the Phoenix Dental Design team are here to help you and make sure you are taken care of.